Thursday, June 18, 2009

Traditional Punjabi Attire

Regardless of what others say, there is something special about wearing traditional outfit such as Punjabi Attire of Kurta-Chadra or even Kameej-Pajama; my favorite! In fact, now that I think about it, I wonder why the hell do I not wear it more often outside the home or maybe Gurdwara? Isn't it just another self-imposed rule of wearing western clothing and dumping our traditional attire for the sake of fitting in.

Even in Punjab, you can see the new generation wearing jeans and t-shirts. Even when you go to Pind, you don't see lot of people wearing kurta chadra or pajama as they used to. Feel sorry for them!

Speaking of which, here is what Punjabi attire generally consists of:

Courtesy of Jarnail Arts

Jutti (Punjabi, Kasoori)
Traditional Punjabi shoe for both men and women. beautifully done hand embroidery


Men's wrap, usually tied by bhangra dancers around their waist these days but also worn by men in Punjabi villages.


Men's shawl or wrap used for cold winters of Punjab!