Friday, March 14, 2008

Sikhs need to look forward

Below was the article published in Economic times about how Sikhs in Punjab are fighting many wars:

While reading this article, I noticed that it is very true! We Punjabi sikhs have been spending so much time and energy looking in the past that we don't even realize that it's affecting our future.

There is widespread dis-content amongst Punjabi Sikhs on various issues and while we love to blame external enemies such as RSS, Indian Govt. and other anti-panthic forces, we usuall don't look inwards. We don't try to find out what we as a community have done and what are we doing for future to make things better!

All the issues discussed in this article can be traced back to a very common factor. Lack of education and opportunities for Punjab and Sikhs. The problem is not just confined to Punjab but it has been travelling with Sikhs to wherever they migrated outside Punjab. So far behind we are in terms of education that we are really becoming a community of drivers, convenience store clerks and these stereotypes are not just carried over without exaggeration.

Punjab is severely lacking basic education and condition is much worse in rural Punjab villages. Vast majority of Sikh populace is from these villages and if we as a community don't do much right now, resullts will be far worse in near future. We are looking at a whole new generation of young sikhs without much education, which means they can't get jobs in this new economic powerhouse India and take advantage of the new oppotunities. They can't rely on agriculture anymore and infact it's a loosing business. The rewards are just not there for small farmers. So what would Punjabi Sikh youth do without any employable skills, no land for agriculture and growing debts?

All these problems of growing casteism, dera culture and drug addiction is cause of severe lack of education and employment opportunites in Punjab. Perhaps we should start holding SGPC more accountable for all the money it receives in bheta and wastes on Badal and family. Instead of having multiple gurudwaras in every village, use those funds to have a school and teachers! We need to start taking care of our own problems rather then looking at our political and religious leaders, who have done absolutely nothing for Sikhi so far!