Monday, September 3, 2007

Live Gurbani Broadcast from Harimandir Sahib

Zee tv used to broadcast live gurbani keertan from Harimandir sahib. Then they switched it over to Alpha ETC Punjabi, which is additional $14.99 per month! Nice business move for Zee tv because lots of Sikhs would subscribe to this channel to get live gurbani broadcast.

So my question is, Zee tv is watching their interest and trying to milk the most money. But who is watching Sikh interests? Why can't SGPC broadcast on their own with collaboration with some other channel so they can broadcast live gurbani keertan to all basic cable channels without Sikh households having to pay additional fees. Is it not the great seva they will be doing?

I guess, when it comes to SGPC, there are so many questions and their bureacratic ways leave a lot to be desired! But how do we change that and get them to adopt better ways? Any thoughts....